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Practising Certificate renewal information

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This year's form to renew your practising certificate will for the first time include a question from the Supreme Court Library.

The library is seeking permission to obtain your practitioner number, name and email address so you can access exclusive 'registered user only' online content later this year at no additional cost.

If you tick 'yes', you'll be emailed later in the year and invited to register for access to the registered user portal on the Law Library of Victoria website, which incorporates the Supreme Court Library. This will give you access to exclusive registered user resources.

It's all part of a plan to create a more modern, vibrant and accessible library service for all Victorian practitioners.

The Supreme Court Library and the libraries of all Victorian jurisdictions now come under the banner of the Law Library of Victoria, which provides services and content far superior to what could be provided by individual libraries. It is the custodian of a vast collection of legal information held on behalf of the profession.

The Law Library of Victoria:

  • collates and curates the best range of legal information resources for our constituents.
  • provides reference and research support, and improve skills in using legal resources across the community.
  • improves access to justice for all Victorians by reducing barriers to access to legal resources for our members.

Visit the Law Library of Victoria website for more information about the library and please tick 'yes' to the library question when renewing your practising certificate this year.