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Resources available for Victorian Lawyers - Anonymous

Resources available to Victorian Lawyers

The Law Library of Victoria provides exclusive access to the following subscriber-only publications and databases via the Digital Resources A-Z List.

AGIS Plus Text (Informit) (Database)

AGIS is published by Informit in partnership with the Attorney-General’s Information Service Australia. It is a collection of over 140 indexed law and law related journals, including full-text articles. AGIS includes articles from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. It is a useful tool for legal research and includes publications such as Commercial Law Quarterly, Law in Context, and Victorian Bar News.

Balkin and Davis Law of Torts (Rolph) (6th edition, 2021) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Authors: David Rolph, Jason Varuhas, Penelope Crossley, Michael Douglas
This title provides authoritative discussion and critical analysis of common law and statutory torts across all Australian jurisdictions. The text covers the civil wrongs protecting intentional injury to person and property; the tort of negligence, with respect both to personal and property damage and for the recovery of purely economic loss; those torts, such as nuisance, in which neither intention nor negligence is necessarily relevant; defamation; and the economic torts which protect the intentional infringement of another’s trade or business.

Commonwealth Sentencing Database (Database)

This database contains sentencing information for Commonwealth offences. It includes primary sources such as judgments and legislation, and secondary research material such as sentencing statistics and commentary on sentencing principles.

Covell and Lupton Principles of Remedies (Covell) (7th edition, 2019) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Authors: W Covell. K Lupton, L Parsons
Provides concise practical explanations of key legal remedies in tort, contract, equity, restitution and statute law. The seventh edition has been revised and updated, including social media and domain name remedies, the Cartier remedy, website blocking injunctions, and anonymised injunctions.

Defamation Law in Australia (George) (3rd edition, 2017) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Author: Patrick George
Provides an in-depth commentary on the underlying principles and concepts of defamation law. Includes decisions on publication on the internet, defences of truth and contextual truth, and awards of damages. It addresses developments in invasion of privacy law in Australia and explores topical issues such as disclosure of confidential sources

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM 5-TR, DSM 5 and DSM I - IV

The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is a classification of mental disorders with associated criteria designed to facilitate more reliable diagnoses of these disorders.

Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary (Lexis Advance)

A comprehensive, reference work with legal terms and definitions, presented in an Australian context. It includes several terms and definitions not commonly found in American or English legal dictionaries.

HeinOnline (Database)

Contains over 1,400 law journal titles in full text including the American Bar Association journals. HeinOnline also includes Australian Law Reform Commission Reports, Canada Supreme Court Reports, English Reports (1220-1867), US primary materials, world famous trials dating back to the early 1700s, legal classics (texts from the 18th & 19th centuries), United Nations Law Collection, and foreign and international law resources.

Hutley’s Australian Wills Precedents (Birtles) (9th edition, 2016) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Authors: Craig Birtles, Richard Neal & Caroline Sims
Provides precedents for practitioners, supported by a full explanation of the law and the implications for will drafters of the relevant court decisions. It contains updated case law, legislation and commentary.

Institutional Abuse of Children : Legal Remedies and Redress in Australia (Madden, Cockburn and Madden) (2019) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Authors: Bill Madden, Tina Cockburn, Benjamin Madden
This title provides detailed analysis of the new legal framework relating to compensation and redress for child sexual abuse in Australia.  It examines the removal of limitation periods, reversal of the onus of proof, extending vicarious liability to persons akin to employees, requiring institutions to identify a proper defendant when necessary, and permitting some earlier settlements and judgements to be revisited.

Law of Misleading or Deceptive Conduct (Lockhart) (5th edition, 2018) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Author: Colin Lockhart
This title focuses on examining the scope of the prohibition, the consequences of its breach, the applicability of defences and the availability of remedies. Includes commentary on the legislation and case law.

Lawyers Practice Manual Victoria (Westlaw Australia)

The Law Library of Victoria is pleased to provide access for Registered Users to the Lawyers Practice Manual on Westlaw Australia. This publication is a narrative guide to the practice and procedure of law in Victoria. The manual’s overall aim is to assist practitioners to achieve better and faster outcomes in dealing with a variety of legal issues.

Mediation skills and techniques (Boulle) (3rd edition, 2020) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Authors: Laurence Boulle, Nadja Alexander
This title deals systematically with all aspects of mediation procedure, explains key features of the mediator's role, and provides practical examples and case studies to illustrate points.

Native Title in Australia (Bartlett) (4th edition, 2020) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Author: Richard Bartlett
Provides an understanding of both the current operation of native title in Australia and its historical and political background and development. It considers both the common law and the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth).

Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford)
This title is currently undergoing maintenance.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is a guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

Powers of Attorney (Dal Pont) (3rd edition, 2020) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Author: Gino Dal Pont
This title focuses on Australian law, but includes other common law jurisdictions. This essential work:

  • Defines the legal concept of a power of attorney
  • Describes the elements that go to creating a power of attorney
  • Identifies the scope of authority conferred on an attorney under a power
  • Explains the legal effect of vesting in an attorney authority under a power
  • Addresses the means whereby attorneyship can terminate

Practical Guidance : Social Justice (Lexis Advance)

A how-to resource for legal practitioners on social justice issues such as establishing and managing a charity, running a federal discrimination law matter, prosecuting human trafficking cases and applying for humanitarian immigration into Australia.

Rule of Law Impact Tracker (LexisNexis)

The Rule of Law Impact Tracker is an interactive tool that quantifies the relationships between the rule of law and economic and social indicators.

The Laws of Australia (Westlaw Australia)

The Laws of Australia encyclopaedia (TLA) is a complete library of legal principles covering over 330 topics and every Australian jurisdiction. It will quickly acquaint you with unfamiliar areas of law.

Transacting with Trusts and Trustees (D'Angelo) (2020) (Lexis Advance) (eBook)

Author: Nuncio D’Angelo
Transacting parties are vulnerable to a range of risks when dealing with a trust and trustee. Unlike other textbooks and casebooks on trusts, Transacting with Trusts and Trustees deals with these practical issues in an applied way. The text discusses current practice for legal opinions in the Australian market and offers suggestions for the wording of opinions, assumptions and qualifications involving trustees and trusts, with explanations for each.

Unreported Judgments (Westlaw Australia)

This service gives you access to the latest unreported judgments from around Australia, including the High Court, Federal Court, State Supreme Courts and other selected jurisdictions.