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Welcome to Scholarship for the Legal Community - a curated selection of recent and salient academic research with a Victorian audience in mind. You can access article summaries at Scholarship for the Legal Community. | Judicial College Victoria


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Scholarship for the legal community (Anon)


Andrew Godwin, ‘The Contractual Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate and Financial Transactions’ (2020) 48 Australian Business Law Review 116

Jenny Buchan and Rob Nicholls, ‘The Challenges of Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic for Australia's Franchise Sector’ (2020) 48 Australian Business Law Review 126

Buwaneka Arachchi, ‘Chains, Coins and Contract Law: The Validity and Enforceability of Smart Contracts’ (2020) 47 Australian Business Law Review 40



Joachim Dietrich and Iain Field, 'Statute and Theories of Vicarious Liability' (2020) 43(2) Melbourne University Law Review 515

Anthony Gray, ‘The Evolution from Strict Liability to Negligence: Implications for the Tort of Private Nuisance’ (2020) 94(9) Australian Law Journal 699

Felicity Maher, ‘An Empirical Study of Exemplary Damages in Australia’ (2020) 43(2) Melbourne University Law Review 694


Criminal Law

David J Carter, 'Transmission of HIV and the Criminal Law: Examining the Impact of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Treatment-as Prevention' (2020) 43(3) Melbourne University Law Review 937

Dr Nicole Rogers, ‘Climate Activism and the Extraordinary Emergency Defence’ (2020) 94 Australian Law Journal 217



Mirko Bagaric, Theo Alexander, and Brienna Bagaric, ‘Offenders Risking Deportation Deserve a Sentencing Discount but the Reduction Should Be Provisional’  (2020), 43(2) Melbourne University Law Review 423

Mirko Bagaric and Gabrielle Wolf, ‘An argument for recognising childhood sexual abuse and physical abuse as a mitigating factor in sentencing’ (2020) Australian Bar Review 227


Equity, Trusts and Estates

Kit Barker, ‘Unjust Enrichment in Australia: What Is(n't) It? Implications for Legal Reasoning and Practice’(2020), 43(3) Melbourne University Law Review 903



Gary Edmond, ‘Regulating Forensic Science and Medicine Evidence at Trial: It's Time for a Wall, a Gate and Some Gatekeeping’ (2020) 94 Australian Law Journal 427