Research Guides

Research guides are a starting point to help you find the best resources for your area of interest. They summarise different legal resources and provide links to them. Some of these resources are free, but some are not.

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Bar Readers Guide

These pages provide information for those studying for the upcoming Victorian Bar Exam.

Case law Guide - Australia & UK

Information and links to understand and locate authorised Australian judgments, as well as UK case law. This guide also has some general information about understanding case citations.

Foreign Law Guide

Links and guidance on locating legislation and case law from foreign jurisdictions.

iPad Tips

Tips for using iPads and legal apps.

Judges' History

 Sources of biographical information, speeches, texts, and articles by, or about, the Supreme Court of Victoria judges.

Lawyers Practice Manual Vic - LPM - Guide

Get the most out of the Lawyers Practice Manual by following the simple instructions and tips in this handy guide, produced by Thomson Reuters (only available to Registered Users).

How to set up alerts and keep up to date with legislation changes.

Legislation Guide - Commonwealth

Everything you need to know about locating primary Commonwealth legislative material.

Legislation Guide - Victoria

Everything you need to know about locating primary Victorian legislative material.

Unreported Judgments Guide - Victoria

Information about finding unreported judgments in the various Victorian courts and tribunals.