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Re Blockchain Global Limited (Admins Apptd) [2021] VSC 762

Supreme Court of Victoria
Commercial Court
Gardiner AsJ

In the matter of Blockchain Global Ltd (admins apptd) (ACN 601 628 497); Yeo, Andrew Reginald & Cull, Innis Anthony in their capacity as joint and several administrators of Blockchain Global Limited (admins apptd) (ACN 601 628 497) v Blockchain Global Ltd (admins apptd) (ACN 601 628 497)

Judgment Date: 
19 November 2021

Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) - Part 5.3A - Application by administrators to company involved in cryptocurrency trading for extension of convening period for second meeting of creditors pursuant to s 439A(6) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) - Affairs of company complex - Directors resident overseas - Company involved in several legal proceedings - Additional time needed to gain an understanding of the company's business and to continue discussions - Time needed for thorough assessment of proposal for deed of company arrangement - Additional time needed to continue discussions with proponent for deed of company arrangement - Re Riviera Group Limited (2009) 72 ACSR 352 - Mighty River International Limited v Hughes (2018) 265 CLR 480 - Extension of three months granted.