Indexed Articles

The team of Librarians from the Law Library of Victoria have included bibliographic information of articles from law journals which we have recently received in hard copy at the Supreme Court Library.  The purpose of this information is to assist the Judiciary, Court staff, Barristers and other members of the legal profession identify recently published academic writing of interest and relevance to them.

The Law Library also has access to many digital law journals which members of the Judiciary can access from their desktops, members of the VicBar can access from the Richard Griffith Library and members of the legal profession can access via the public access computers in the 

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Members of the Judiciary and Court staff please contact your Court Librarian if you require copies of articles. Members of the Legal Profession and the public can view and copy the journal articles in the Supreme Court Library.

10 January 2019
Subject: Practice & Procedure
Citation: 2018 92(12) Law Institute Journal 40-43
10 January 2019
Subject: Constitutional Law
Citation: (2018) 24(3) Australian Journal of Human Rights 307-325
10 January 2019
Subject: Criminal Law & Procedure
Citation: [2018] (12) Criminal Law Review 961-986
10 January 2019
Subject: Trusts
Citation: (2018) 46(3) Australian Bar Review 229-274
10 January 2019
Subject: Contract Law
Citation: (2018) 77(3) Cambridge Law Journal 559-569
10 January 2019
Subject: Legal History
Citation: (2018) 39(3) Journal of Legal History 225-252
10 January 2019
Subject: Arbitration
Citation: (2018) 46(3) Australian Bar Review 275-285
10 January 2019
Subject: Human Rights
Citation: (2018) 24(3) Australian Journal of Human Rights 292-306
19 December 2018
Subject: Legal Profession
Citation: (2018) 168(7818) 19-20