Eureka Trials

A shining example of our important historical items is the State trials: Queen v. Hayes, Queen v. Joseph ; proceedings on the trials of these informations in the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria.

State trials for Treason

The State trials concerned the matter of Treason for the participants involved in the Eureka Stockade rebellion in Ballarat in 1854 and was held in the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria.

The document was published in 1855 and contains a 142 page transcription of Mr. Webb's shorthand notes of the proceedings of the trial before His Honor Sir William a'Beckett, Chief Justice. 

George Henry Frederick Webb was the government and Supreme Court shorthand reporter. He was later admitted to the Bar and became a judge in 1886.

The full text of the State Trials (PDF, 85MB) is available online from the Law Library of Victoria. The transcript is copyright, made freely available for research purposes, however permission from the Supreme Court Librarian is required for republishing or commercial use.


Eureka Trials