Research Guides

Research guides are a starting point to help you to find the best resources for your area of interest. They summarise different legal resources and provide links to them. Some of these resources are free, but some are not.

The Law Library subscribes to many online resources, go to our Online Collections page to find out how you can access them. 

Legal research guides 

Topic Research Guide List

Case Law
(decisions or judgments, authorised versions and unreported reports)

Locating Victorian unreported judgments

Locating authorised Australian reports

State Library of Victoria - research guide on finding cases with a focus on Victorian and Commonwealth cases.

Victorian Legislation
(second reading speeches, Explanatory Memoranda and Bills)

Monash University Law Library - research guide on finding legislation, includes information about finding Victorian legislation. 

State Library of Victoria - research guide on finding legislation, includes information about finding Victorian legislation.

University of Melbourne Law Library - research guide on finding Victorian legislation. 

Commentary Services
(loose-leaf print products or via online databases as provided by the major legal publishers)

University of Melbourne Law Library

Australian Guide to Legal Citation 
(establishes how to cite legal documents and resources in the preferred format, a valuable tool for legal writing and research)
Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) 3rd edition.
Other Resource Guides
(LLV authored guides covering a range of topics)

Foreign Law - accessing legislation and case law from jurisdictions outside Australia.

Legal Alerts - subscription and search services that provide automated updates on legislation, case law, and subject or resource specific commentary.