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The Law Library of Victoria encompasses the collections of the libraries of the Supreme Court, County Court, Magistrates' Court and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Only the Supreme Court Library is accessible to members of the legal profession and the public.

Supreme Court Library floor plan

The following tables and floor plans explain the layout of the Supreme Court Library and where information is located by floor. For help with locating specific titles, please search the Library Catalogue or view the Holdings List (PDF 3MB).

Please note: some areas of the Supreme Court Library collection are currently being reorganised. Please ask the Librarian at the Ground Floor Reference Desk if you require assistance in locating any titles.

Ground Floor 

Collection Location
Reference books Room 1
Text books Room 2, Bays 3-7
Quarto size books Room 2
Federal and State law reports series     Bays 13-18
Victorian legislation  Room 19
Victorian law report series Room 19
New South Wales law report series Room 19
Reference Desk Entrance
Photocopier Off Bay 13
Public Access Computer Near Bay 4 & 16, Gasolier table

First Floor

Collection Location
Journals Bays 22-29
United Kingdom law reports series  Bays 30-36, 38-44
Sir Ninian Stephen collection Bay 33
Commonwealth Government Gazette Bay 44
Hansard (Victorian and Commonwealth)  Room 37
Bills & EMs (Victorian) Room 37
Photocopier Outside Room 45
Toilets Via Bay 29
Public Access Computer Outside Room 21

Law Library of Victoria first floor floor plan

Second Floor

Collection Location
Lending Section Room A
Public Access Computer Room A
Photocopier Room A
New Zealand law reports Room B
Canadian law reports Rooms B, C & D
Quiet study areas Room A, B & C

Law Library of Victoria second floor floor plan

Third Floor

Collection Location
Age & Argus newspapers  Room A
United Kingdom legislation Room A
USA Digests reports Room B
Annual Reports Room C
English Nominate reports Room C
International Law reports Room C
Law Reform Commission papers Room C
Other Commonwealth countries reports Room C
South African law Reports Room C
USA law reports Room C
USA Digests Room D
Stacks text book collection Room E & G
Pamphlets Room E
Commonwealth and State legislation Room E
Victorian superseded reprints Room F

Law Library of Victoria third floor floor plan