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The Law Library of Victoria: improving access to justice for all Victorians

Through the Law Library of Victoria, all Victorian legal practitioners can log in to access an enormous digital library with highlights curated by librarians. Victorian judges enjoy tailored services and access to extensive resources. Victorian barristers have easy access to a wide range of resources on a dedicated portal.

Sir Redmond Barry established the Library of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1853 to provide world-class provision of legal resources for the legal profession of Victoria. Since then, this library has continuously been funded by the profession to enhance the administration of justice in Victoria.

In 2012 an agreement was signed to consolidate multiple existing law library services as the Law Library of Victoria, serving members of the judiciary and VCAT, and legal practitioners.

The Law Library of Victoria – “an historic opportunity to prepare all Victorian judges and lawyers for the future”
Chief Justice Marilyn Warren, August 23 2012

“What a triumph! This is such an important step towards realising the vision for the Law Library of Victoria. Warmest congratulations to all of those who have helped to make it happen.”
Acting Chief Justice Chris Maxwell, June 2018

“This is a very exciting development for all barristers, but particularly junior barristers and barristers on lower incomes. It will be a significant factor for people when they are deciding whether to come to the Bar - they will know they don’t have to give up the level of research support they had at university or their former employer, and they will have access to more information than would ever be possible from a personal library.”
Dr Matthew Collins QC, President Victorian Bar, June 2018

Supreme Court Library History

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Judicial Profiles

Biographical information, speeches, texts and articles by, or about the Supreme Court of Victoria judges.