The Law Library of Victoria: improving access to justice for all Victorians

Since the 1850s, the legal profession in Victoria has funded a library to enhance the administration of justice.  

Our doors are open to everyone - we don't discriminate: tourists, QCs, self-represented litigants, law students, judges. There's a good chance they'll use our website as the main, and often only, form of contact with the library. This interaction can have a profound impact on the individual: it can mean the difference between winning or losing, floundering or thriving, or finishing that assignment. We provide a path that's easy to use. We understand both the information and the information need.

The Law Library of Victoria
“an historic opportunity to prepare all Victorian judges and lawyers for the future.”

(Chief Justice Marilyn Warren, media release August 23 2012)

Sir Redmond Barry established the Library of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1853 to provide world-class provision of legal resources for the legal profession of Victoria. Since then the legal profession in Victoria has funded a library to enhance the administration of justice. An agreement was signed in 2012 to consolidate law library services in Victoria as the Law Library of Victoria. Today the Library encompasses the collections of the Supreme Court, County Court, Magistrates’ Court and VCAT and also provides services to the Children's Court, Coroners Court, Court Services Victoria, Judicial College of Victoria and the Victorian Bar. The Library is an integral resource for the courts, as well as for the legal profession and the community.

The Library provides access to authoritative legal information to ensure that the law is applied accurately, effectively and fairly. The Library is regarded as a library of national significance and is one of the largest law collections in Victoria, containing over 120,000 volumes.

The Law Library of Victoria awarded Legal Information Service of the Year 2015
by the Australian Law Librarians’ Association (ALLA)
in recognition of the outstanding service they provide.

The Law Library of Victoria is managed by a committee that is comprised of representatives from the Victorian jurisdictions and the profession. The current committee Chair is The Honourable Justice Cameron Macaulay. 

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There are many ways to get involved with the Library.

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  • Consider making a donation to preserve our collection – ongoing donations to the Library are tax deductible.

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For an overview of the heritage and history of the Supreme Court Library, and the evolution of the Law Library of Victoria, see the Supreme Court Library History page.